Specialized Computer Systems for Business Travel Arrangements

Our business-travel management system was developed independently by JTB Business Travel Solutions (JTB-CWT).
It includes online tools for domestic and international reservations, and each corporate client can choose the features it wants to use, such as the business-travel application and approval feature.
In addition, as an optional feature it can be linked to the expenses settlement system currently used in the client's organization.
This business-travel management system makes operations related to clients' business travel more efficient and simplified.

Strengths of the business-travel management system

Profile-management feature
This feature can be used to manage basic information on business travelers, such as their names, ages, and affiliations, as well as various membership numbers, such as those for airline mileage programs.
It also is linked with JTB-CWT's backbone system (STERA), making it possible to arrange international airline tickets and hotel reservations with no need to contact us separately.
Domestic online reservations feature
This feature offers a wide range of ticketing and reservations tools, through linkage with the reservations systems of various transportation and other services, for uses that include domestic airline ticketing, rail ticketing, accommodations, and tour packages.
International online reservations feature
Our reservations tools include JTB-CWT's proprietary international air reservations system and multiple other tools we can deliver to meet clients' specific needs.
Mobile compatibility
We employ the principles of responsive design to enable use on various mobile devices, including laptops, smartphones, and tablets.
Available 24 hours/day, 365 days/year

Thanks to its mobile compatibility, the system can be used at any time and place 24 hours/day for tasks that include even sudden schedule changes at the destination.

  • *Note that the system may be down for maintenance irregularly.

[Client firm] Superior → Approval of business travel → [JTB-CWT business-travel management system] Application for business travel / [Client firm] Superior → Email on completion of approval → Business traveler → Ticket reservations → [JTB-CWT business-travel management system] Ticketing arrangements → Reservations data → Application for business travel / [Client firm] Risk-management staff → Risk management → [JTB-CWT business-travel management system] Querying ordering data / [Client firm] Purchasing staff → Checking user results → [JTB-CWT business-travel management system] Traveler report / [JTB-CWT business-travel management system] Claims report → Bulk claims → [Client firm] Accounting staff

Benefits of adoption

Benefit1 Improved business efficiency through bulk reservations and bulk payment

Enables bulk arrangement of the tickets needed during business travel, such as flights, high-speed rail, hotels and other accommodations, and tour packages, and bulk payment for each corporate client.

Benefit2 Reducing expenses through approval of purchases

Reservations data can be used to make it visible who is travelling, where, how, and roughly how much the travel costs. Since this enables managers to ascertain the details of arrangements as part of the business travel application flow, it helps to ensure thorough compliance with the rules and strengthen internal controls. It also can help to cut expenses by encouraging prioritizing use of special corporate fares and discounts.

Benefit3 Effectively utilizing business-travel data as a risk-management feature

Business-travel application information in data form can be used to swiftly ascertain who is traveling, when, where, and on what flights. This also is effective for managing employees' locations and risk management in an emergency.

Benefit4 Enabling linkage of data on reservations and usage with the expenses settlement systems used inside client organizations

Data on reservations and usage can be linked to the workflow systems and expenses settlement systems already used in client organizations. This eliminates the need for checking on the content of related arrangements and reconciling claim forms against receipts, helping not only to reduce data-entry tasks for travelers but also to lessen the workload of checking by managers.

Operating environment

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