Data Consulting

JTB-CWT makes visible a wide range of data related to business travel and analyses them from various perspectives, such as trends in travel and traveler behavior and compliance with business travel rules.
Based on the results of analysis, we propose the optimal BTM programs for each client firm and repeatedly measure results and propose improvements after adoption, helping achieve targets in areas, such as reducing costs and enhancing governance.

Our strengths

  • 1 Providing advanced consulting services based on data collected and a wealth of experience
  • 2 Utilizing business-intelligence tools the make business travel data visible
  • 3 Realizing enhancements to cost management and governance, at nationwide and global levels

Our services

Visualization and analysis of business travel data

We make visible the wide range of data centrally managed and collected using our proprietary operations system, analyzing them from multifaceted approaches, such as trends in business travelers' behavior and in client firms' business travel. We propose optimal BTM programs to resolve any realized or potential issues made clear through such analysis and achieve clients' goals.

Proposing cost-saving solutions

We propose cost-saving solutions through such means as selecting the optimal suppliers based on trends in business travelers' behavior and in client firms' business travel, establishing special rates for clients using economies of scale, offering exclusive JTB-CWT rates, and providing the logical lowest fares. We also utilize purchasing and negotiating strengths and consulting abilities based on JTB-CWT's abundant track record and experience in support of contractual negotiations with suppliers.
In addition to saving on travel expenses, we also propose efficiency improvements related to business travel arrangements and related operations through such means as reviewing the flows used in arranging business travel and adoption of related computer systems to realize comprehensive cost savings in areas that include overhead.

Optimization of rules on business travel

We propose improvements to business travel rules and guidelines based on consideration of trends in business travelers' behavior and client firms' purchasing policies.
We utilize data on JTB-CWT's more than 2,500 clients to optimize rules based on benchmarking.

Global travel management

To maximize the benefits of adopting a BTM, we propose solutions for optimization at a global or regional level. Through centralized management of business travel data distributed across multiple facilities, as well as standardization and thorough compliance with business travel rules and guidelines, we can enable further governance enhancements and cost savings.

Measuring results and proposing improvements

We measure the results of adoption of the BTM programs and report them periodically to the sections managing business travel. We also propose continual improvements to realize further solutions.
Business travel data centrally managed and collected in JTB-CWT's operations system also can be extracted and analyzed in the sections managing business travel, using business intelligence tools we offer.

Contacts about services

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