JTB-CWT's solutions

We propose continual improvements from the perspectives of comprehensive control by clients and improving traveler satisfaction, to optimize business travel.

JTB-CWT's service flow

  1. STEP 1Business-travel data analysis

    We visualize and analyze data related to business travel and verify the key points of cost cutting and anticipated results.

  2. STEP 3BTM Program operation

    We carry out reliable operation to optimize the effects of adopted BTM programs.

    Increasing client satisfaction
    Improved efficiency of internal procedures
    Support during business travel
  3. STEP 4Measurement of BTM Program results

    We measure the results of BTM programs in operation and provide periodic reports.

Continuous plan-do-check-act (PDCA) cycle (STEPS 1-4) We maximize BTM value through a PDCA cycle of proposing further improvements based on the measurement of results, implementing them, and then measuring their results.

Contacts about services

Those who are considering contract/introduction, please contact us from the following.