Risk Management

Clients' business travel destinations may involve a wide range of potential risks, such as those of accident, natural disaster, insurrection, terrorism, fire, infectious disease, or passport theft.
To manage such risks of domestic and international business travel and realize safe, reliable business travel, JTB-CWT supports client firms by maintaining a structure capable of responding swiftly even in the event of such an incident.

Our strengths

  • 1 Extraction of information on current travelers at their destinations and checking on their safety
  • 2 Linking travel data to risk-management tools
  • 3 An emergency support structure for business travelers, including nighttime needs

Our services

Risk-management structure

Both client firms and their employees need to secure employee safety and implement internal and external responses in the event of incidents, such as natural disasters, terrorism, and pandemics.
JTB-CWT supports client firms in terms of risk management as well by maintaining a structure capable of responding to any situation through such means as communication of risk information, extracting information on current travelers in affected areas and checking on their safety, and linking travel data to risk-management tools.

Emergency response desk

To support business travelers 24 hours/day, 365 days/year, even when an emergency arises, we have set up an internal emergency response desk exclusively for clients contracting with JTB-CWT.
Our travel consultants provide smooth, swift, and accurate support using the same operations system and database as dedicated client teams.

  • *Available in Japanese and English; for international business travel only

Contacts about services

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