Business travel management (BTM) Business travel management (BTM) is a way to optimize business travel
through the centralized management of related operations.

Four key points of BTM

  • 1Cost
  • 2Business efficiency
  • 3Risk management
  • 4Governance

Through comprehensive management of matters such as the flow of operations from prior application and approval for business travel, arrangement of air tickets and other practicalities through settlement, compliance with rules and guidelines on travel expenses, and purchasing processes, BTM realizes the following advantages for the company: cost savings based on visualization and analysis of business-travel-related expenses, efficiency improvements in related operations, thorough compliance, and enhanced governance. At the same time, it contributes to performance improvement at business travel destinations by enabling highly convenient, high-quality business-travel support for individual travelers.

Main benefits of BTM adoption

1Cost savings

Reduces business-travel expenses such as those for air tickets and hotel accommodation, based on visualization and analysis of travel data

  • Optimal supplier selection and rate negotiations
  • Setting of special corporate rates utilizing benefits of scale
  • Rate verification through multifaceted benchmarks

2Business efficiency improvements

Realizes improved business efficiency for business travelers and accounting personnel, through computerization of the entire flow of business-travel operations

  • Utilization of electronic application/approval functions linked to travel data
  • Automation of accounting processing through linkage of travel and settlement data
  • Improved efficiency of arrangements, through use of an online reservations system

3Thorough risk management

Enables swift response to emergencies through centralized management of data on business travelers and travel

  • Extraction of information on overseas personnel and confirmation of safety
  • Linkage of risk-management tools with travel data
  • 24-hour support structure for business travelers, including after-hours support

4Enhanced governance

Enables comprehensive business-travel program management at the national and global levels, based on visualization and analysis of travel data

  • Formulation of business-travel rules and guidelines optimized for the company, based on consideration of trends in business-traveler behavior and corporate purchasing policies
  • Optimization of rules through use of various benchmarks
  • Rule-based reservation arrangements

JTB-CWT's strengths and services

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