System Solutions

A wide range of administrative procedures are required for business travel, from application and approval in advance through arrangement of reservations and settlement of expenses.
JTB-CWT proposes optimal system solutions to realize improvements in business efficiency and convenience for not only business travelers but also those in the various sections involved in business travel.

Our strengths

  • 1 Improving convenience for business travelers through solutions, such as an online reservation system and an itinerary management app
  • 2 Utilizing digital application and approval features linked to travel data
  • 3 Automation of processing of expenses through linking travel data with settlement data

Our services

Business travel management system

We offer a business travel management system (portal site) as a single-sign-on solution that enables the use of various domestic and international online booking tools.
Not only is this system compatible with a wide range of travel products, including air tickets, hotel reservations, JR tickets, car rental reservations, and business travel plans, but it also contributes to improving the convenience of clients' reservation arrangements through checking and reminding users of business travel rules when making reservations.
It also can be linked to other workflow systems now adopted, or being considered for adoption, by client firms, helping to improve overall efficiency throughout all operations related to business travel.

Expenses settlement system

We deliver solutions for general affairs and accounting solutions through integrating the reservations arrangement system and the expenses settlement system.
This not only enables bulk settlement of reimbursement for transportation and accommodation expenses and lessens the burden of advanced expenses and eliminates waste in operations related to advance payments but also helps to improve business efficiency by lessening the burdens of retaining receipts and other evidence, attaching them to claim forms, and checking them, using the latest features in areas, such as data linkage and computerized checking.
In addition to operations related to business travel, this system also can be used for settlement operations for short-distance transportation expenses and general expenses.

Itinerary management app

We offer the B-Schedule itinerary management app for smartphones, which makes it possible for users to business travel itineraries on their own devices, whether online or offline.
It can be used for convenient personal assistance for business travelers through means that include communication of flight information in real time and notification of advance check-in prior to departure.

Contacts about services

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