Our Philosophy

Offer optimal solutions mainly in business travel field
to support customers’ businesses and contribute to the society.


Cooperate with customers anytime to create value beyond our expectations.
Combine the human touch and digital to offer optimal solutions.
Each individual should pursue professionalism to
maximize the organizational strength.
Collaborate with business partners throughout the world to remain innovative.
We should be a company relied on and chosen by the society.

Business Domain

BTM & IT solution.

Globally deploy optimal solutions which combine high-level consulting and advanced IT and offer them to customers.

Message from the Representative

President & CEO
Masamitsu Shibuya

Contributing to society by supporting our clients' businesses

Since our founding in 2000, we at JTB Business Travel Solutions (JTB-CWT) have supported the progress of more than 3,000 corporate clients by leveraging our reliable track record and experience as a pioneer in the business travel management (BTM) business in Japan. After expanding our business domains and scale through means including succession of businesses from the JTB Group and other firms, today we deliver optimal solutions centered on the business travel domain to clients from a wide range of industries, focusing our business activities on BTM and IT solutions.

To be your best choice

The business environment in which we and other firms operate continues to change rapidly along with accelerating technological advancement. At the same time, in a global society that is becoming increasingly borderless in various fields, there is no way to avoid the impacts of unstable global and economic conditions. Under these circumstances, for a business to succeed in intense competition across industries, it is essential to realize a strengthened cost structure reflecting various anticipated risks, allowing for the allocation of as many resources as possible to core business operations.

We at JTB-CWT have a reaffirmed resolve to pursue the optimal solutions truly needed by our clients in order to support their business activities as a whole at times like these. Simply continuing along the present course will not lead to a brighter future. As we aim for future growth, we pledge to continue moving forward with our clients, with the cooperation of our global business partners, without simply resting on our past experience and track record.

To reward the trust of our clients and continue to be a presence both needed and chosen by society, we will continue creating value that exceeds expectations in the future as well.
We would appreciate your continued support and patronage.