Brand Story

Human touch

As a group of business-travel professionals who combine advanced technologies and warm, personal service,
we provide diligent support for our clients' businesses at all times.

About our Logo Designed to symbolize the activities of our employees (people) in supporting our business domain from the ground up, our logo combines the ā€œJā€ and ā€œCā€ of JTB and CWT, our main shareholders.
The marigold color represents our employees' passion and warmth, the turquoise blue our progressive spirit, high intelligence, and diligence, and the charcoal our reliability as a corporation.

Over the 20 years since our founding,
JTB-CWT has supported the progress of numerous clients
as a leading player in the business travel management (BTM) business in Japan.
We have an established track record in overcoming various challenges such as
natural disasters, terrorism, infectious pandemics, and global economic downturns,
by working closely together with our clients.

Utilizing our reliable track record and experience,
we will continue to deliver services with value to our clients.


As a group of human resources with expert knowledge on BTM and IT solutions, we fuse the two together and maximize this expertise to create value that exceeds clients' expectations.


We aim to be an organization that will continue to grow by generating synergy through diverse human resources working with pride and vitality based on mutual respect and improvement.


As a BTM pioneer in Japan, who continues to be the market leader,

We will continue to be the choice of our clients and business partners by adapting to various social and environmental changes.

A commitment to Excellence

To be your best choice.