JTB-CWT's corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy

JTB-CWT carries out a wide range of activities together with our clients and community members to protect the irreplaceable natural environment and create warm times among people.
As a company whose business activities are related to tourism, all of us will continue working together as one to be a company relied on and chosen by society, one able to create new value in line with our missions of environmental protection, community progress, and creating chances for people to interact.

JTB-CWT health-management policy

We consider it vital to provide an environment in which each and every employee at JTB-CWT can enjoy his or her work with a positive and forward-looking attitude. With this goal in mind, we carry out health management to raise health awareness, live healthy lives, and work with peace of mind through our employees, their family members, the company, and the health insurance societies working together as one.